New appearance and location for RENZEN Communications

The communications agency previously known as Renzen & Partner is now called RENZEN Communications. Communications.

(pr) The company previously known under the name Renzen &
Partner well-known communications agency recently called RENZEN
Communications. The Aargau-based agency specializes in communications in all
from advertising to graphic design and the
sales promotion to PR.
In addition to the name, the company's appearance was also redesigned.
The redesign of the company makes itself felt in the logo, but also in the
web presence noticeable. The new homepage is now accessible via the simplified
Internet address can be reached. The timing for the new
appearance was not chosen at random. Rather, the
Redesign combined with relocation of RENZEN Communications. RENZEN
Communications moved into a villa at Gönhardweg 48 on September 1.
moved to Aarau.
"This means more space for employees, more
Room for creativity. A stroke of luck, an opportunity that one simply
had to use," explained agency owner Frédéric Renzen. With all
Innovations remains the team of 15 employees from
the areas of graphics, text and consulting, however, exist.
RENZEN Communications, communications agency, Gönhardweg 48, 5001 Aarau
Tel. 062 824 94 84, Fax 062 822 54 17,,

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