60 years of "Echo der Zeit" - the world on the radio

A very special anniversary for Swiss Radio DRS with various activities.

(pr) Around 700,000 people listen to "Echo der Zeit" every day. At
September 1945 for the first time, this show has been on the air for 60
years a flagship and the oldest political background program
of Swiss Radio DRS. It conveys news, reports on a daily basis,
Interviews and reports on current affairs.
For 60 years, Swiss Radio DRS's "Echo of the Times" has been offering
Background and analysis of current events. The
Usage figures speak for themselves: Around 700,000 people listen daily to
the "Echo of Time". During almost 30,000 minutes the "Echo" is
annually on the air and offers around 2,600 contributions on the most important
developments at home and abroad. Around 20 foreign correspondents and
permanent employees report regularly from all continents.
"Echo" editorial director Casper Selg writes in the intro to the
Anniversary book, which was published on September 7: "The show has
always been called the same. Since the beginning in September 1945. And they
also always had the same claim: to offer background to the
Evening News. It's the daily attempt to bring the latest
to make developments in the world and in Switzerland understandable,
classify them."
For Swiss Radio DRS, this is a very special anniversary with various activities:
- On Wednesday, September 7, the book "Echo of Time -.
World affairs on the radio" published by NZZ. Author of the narrative nonfiction
is Hanspeter Gschwend. The book comes with an audio CD by
"Echo" editorial director Casper Selg. ISBN 3-03823-175-4.
- On Tuesday, September 20, Swiss Radio DRS celebrates the anniversary
with a special day on DRS 1, live from the Museum of Communication
in Bern. DRS 2 will also be present. Admission to the Museum für
Communication is free. On this day, interested parties can read the "Echo
of time" at 6 p.m. live on site.
Other broadcasts in the daytime program of DRS 1 and DRS 2 grant the
guests an insight into the radio work of Schweizer Radio DRS and the
Opportunity to get to know the faces to the well-known radio voices.
learn. The Museum of Communication also offers with its
interactive exhibition offers an interesting examination of the
with the topic of communication.
- In addition, on the evening of September 20, the program "Doppelpunkt" will be broadcast from
8 p.m. broadcast live from the Kornhausforum in Bern; combined with a
Occasion for invited guests from politics, business and science, with
a panel on the topic of "How much foresight does man need -
Tension between global challenge and withdrawal into the
Local". Radio Director Walter Rüegg welcomes the guests and Federal Councillor
Moritz Leuenberger gives an address. Panelists are:
Walter Kielholz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Group; Ellen Ringier,
lawyer; Otfried Jarren, publicist and Hugo Loetscher writer.
Moderation: Fredy Gsteiger. 
- The possibilities of listening to the "Echo of Time" are still being
more diverse. On the Internet, it has been possible for some time to time-delay
can be listened to. From September 20, the "Echo" is also available as a download
(www.drs.ch) is available. This allows it to be applied to any
mobile audio player can be downloaded and listened to on the go.
- The final highlight of the "Echo" anniversary is the radio symposium on the topic of
"Faster, Shorter, Shallower: Endangered Depth in the Media?" on
December 8 at the
Kursaal in Bern. In collaboration with the University of Bern
Swiss Radio DRS organizes lectures and discussions with
practitioners and academics in the media scene.

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