high5 celebrates its 5th birthday

With the aim of attracting young to the "Südostschweiz" newspapers, high5 im was launched five years ago. im was launched five years ago.

From zero to over 10,000 members in 5
years: high5 developed into a remarkable success story. At
Saturday the member club of "Südostschweiz" celebrates in the Churer
Hallenstadion the 5th birthday.
(pr) With the aim of encouraging youthful
Leading non-subscribers to the "Südostschweiz" newspapers is high5
im was launched five years ago. Since then, high5 has offered its members
for a symbolic annual contribution of 5 francs continuously numerous
Discounts and special promotions in the areas of music, culture,
Sports and fashion. Today the club, which is also active in the field of
already has more than 10,000 members from the
whole of southeastern Switzerland.

The innovative implementation of the club idea brought Südostschweiz
Presse AG won the "Swiss Marketing Trophy" in 2002. Finally
it's not for nothing that a quarter of all high5 members become
25 years of age become new "Südostschweiz" subscribers and secure the
publishing house thus a basis for the future. On September 3, the
Memberclub on the occasion of a big concert night in the Chur
Hallenstadion celebrates its round birthday.

For a little more than two years, high5 has also owned the youth and
Party newspaper. [haifaif]. This has since been published in a circulation of
of 75,000 copies and is published every second Friday the
"Südostschweiz" daily newspapers enclosed, as well as to the members of
high5 sent by mail. The special feature of the youth newspaper with a
circulation of 75,000 copies is that they are almost
exclusively by young people between 15 and 25 years of age and thus
produced directly by the target group itself. At this year's
JuniorCom in Davos, the [haifaif] editorial team was honored for its achievements.
was awarded the "Swiss Text Award 2005" for the promotion of young talent.

In connection with the anniversary festivities, the
Youth newspaper until the end of the year to all new customers 5 x 5 percent (=25%)
Anniversary discount on the first ad. Just in time for the round
In addition, high5 recently presented itself with a redesign of the
website (www.high5.ch) and last week published a
special [haifaif] anniversary issue around the members club.

The anniversary newspaper can be ordered via
or tel. 055 645 38 65 can be ordered.

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