Poster painter at Stadelhofen; the third prank follows immediately

Heye has struck again at the future McDonald's location near Stadelhofen station.

(pr) Heye has on the future
McDonald's location at Stadelhofen station strikes again. Since
Earlier this week, the latest poster subjects were hanging there. And how
already before, the new paints with brush and paint were immediately
perpetrated on the scene.
Analogous to the first series, the posters address the various
target groups directly and ensure that the new Zurich location is
is already becoming a household word.
With this campaign, the official Swiss DDB representative promotes the
new McDonald's restaurant, which will open in autumn 2005.
Client: McDonald's Suisse Restaurants Sàrl, Crissier;
Responsibility: Thomas Truttman, Marketing Director; Yvonne Maurer,
Local Marketing Consultant.
Advertising agency: Heye, Zürich AG; CD: Daniel Bieri; AD: Dominik Krattiger; Text: Urs Zwyssig; Consulting: Willy Tanner.

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