"Oceilogical packaging revolution": Raja advocates sustainability

Recently, the Raja Group introduced recyclable hand stretch paper and bubble paper. For this, the packaging specialist was awarded the gold medal in the "Innovative Supplier" category at the Purchasing Trophies.

"Join the ecological packaging revolution" is the motto of the RAJA Group purchasing department, the Raja Group, founded in 1954 by Rachel Marcovici and Janine Rocher, is committed to sustainable development. Raja generated sales of 1.2 billion euros in 2021, has 4,500 employees and 26 subsidiaries in 19 European countries.

By the end of 2022, at least 75 percent of packaging is to be environmentally friendly. One step towards this goal was the introduction of bubble and hand-stretch paper in the middle of this year. "Environmental responsibility has always been embedded in our values and we have been working for many years to offer innovative paper and cardboard packaging as plastic alternatives. We always try to avoid environmentally harmful or non-recyclable packaging," says Ulrich Parfum, head of purchasing and product marketing for the Raja Group. "Most of our paper and cardboard packaging is FSC and PEFC certified. In addition, we do not include any new plastics in our range and only offer products made from recycled and recyclable plastics.

Innovative specialty papers

Air bubble paper is an environmentally friendly, recycled and renewable cushioning solution. It is manufactured in Europe using a unique technology - air is trapped between two sheets of honeycomb paper - and protects goods from impact, contamination and damage during shipping.

The hand stretch paper is an innovation that required several years of research. Care is taken to produce the products as close as possible to the Group's warehouses in order to reduce CO2-impacts of transport. It is also important that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests.

Holistic approach

"The idea of ecological responsibility goes far beyond the product. I am convinced of the need for a holistic approach. It makes no sense to develop a product that is intrinsically environmentally friendly if it is bought on the other side of the world. Our CSR requirements are very strict," says Ulrick Parfum.

"Innovation has its price; paper is more expensive than plastic. But our partnership with our manufacturers and our proactive pricing policy enable us to combine economic performance and environmental responsibility," says the Head of Purchasing and Product Marketing.

Raja headquarters in Roissy.

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