Aroma develops most space-saving home office "Hång" and "Tåble

The team at Aroma Productions has developed a compact workspace for the home in the wake of the current home-office push.


As an architect for office design, Aroma deals with new forms of work on a daily basis and therefore also focuses on the workspace at home. Aroma's own need for a space-saving and uncomplicated solution for home office work gave rise to the idea for the "Tåble". A compact workstation that can be easily integrated into any living situation.

With "Tåble" and "Hång", the Aroma Productions team has developed products that are designed to meet all requirements in terms of aesthetics, functionality and mobility. The assembly is simple: A mounting strip fixed to the wall supports the "TÅBLE", which makes it easy to move it around or hang it up. The tabletop can be mounted at two heights, making it possible to work both standing and sitting. At the back there is space for the most necessary work equipment.

But if holes in the wall are out of the question, or no more wall is free, in combination with "Hång", which can be hung on any door, a previously unused space can be converted into a work zone. There are no limits to the imagination in creating additional space or storage: Supplemented with shelves and wooden pins, "Hång" can be expanded as desired - for example, to a coat rack or a shelf.

The two products from Aroma Productions are available now in the Online store available.


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