T-shirt with Berset slogan already sold 3000 times

A T-shirt with a bon mot by Federal Councillor Alain Berset is selling like hot cakes in French-speaking Switzerland. Within a few days, almost 3000 pieces were sold, as the initiators said on Wednesday on request.


The T-shirt with the Berset slogan, worn by project member Claude Progin.(Image: Keystone/Alessandro della Valle)


"Il faut agir aussi vite que possible, mais aussi lentement que nécessaire" is written on the T-shirt. Berset wanted to use it at the media conference on April 16 to explain how the Federal Council envisages the exit from the Corona crisis mode: "As quickly as possible and as slowly as necessary."


Shirt for the good cause

Communication professionals from Fribourg launched the T-shirt sale a day later, on Friday. A shirt costs 25 francs, with the proceeds going to Swiss Solidarity.

Pete Mager from the "By the Way Studio" in Fribourg meanwhile assumes that 30,000 to 70,000 Swiss francs will be raised for Swiss Solidarity. Originally, proceeds of 10,000 Swiss francs had been hoped for. (SDA)

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