Good news despite the crisis: This is what set us up today

There is enough bad news these days. In this article, the Werbewoche editorial team gives an overview of developments that have pleased or encouraged. Today with Blick and Wörterseh-Verlag, Megura, Ricola, Stuiq, and


Blick and Wörterseh-Verlag launch Corona children's book

How to explain the coronavirus to a child? Why the chindsgi is closed? And why people are suddenly wearing protective masks? The Blick Group, together with the Wörterseh publishing house, is publishing a picture book that explains such topical questions to the youngest children in an age-appropriate way. After the Launch of the e-book, a printed edition is now also available since Thursday.


Contrast program with #Goodvibes_vs_Corona

The Megura Agency aims to spread good vibes in this difficult and challenging time around the dominating and rather negative topics like Lockdown and Corona. Starting with a playlist, prank phone calls, paintings and games - the main thing is good vibes.

The program of #Goodvibes_vs_Corona runs mostly on social media, on the Landing page there's gonna be a roundup.


Connectedness and appreciation with "We Care by Ricola

The new Webshop allows companies and interested private individuals to send care packages with Ricola products to people who are important to them. With one order, they can reach an unlimited number of recipients. One franc per care package is donated to Swiss Solidarity's Corona collection.


Stuiq supports

In order to help Swiss businesses in the current difficult situation of the Corona crisis, but also to provide long-term support, the initiative and platform was launched. 

Via the platform, vouchers can now be purchased from participating shops, restaurants, cafés, hairdressers, etc. and redeemed later. In addition, the founding team of "Mitenand" consists of business experts who offer their advice and support to the shops free of charge.

To raise awareness and communicate the platform, Stuiq supports the public relations work and voluntarily develops a touching film that shows the dramatic situation, but above all gives courage for tomorrow. and support the gastronomy 

The online portals list restaurants, takeaway establishments and their information free of charge during the Corona Crisis. The aim is for catering businesses such as restaurants, pubs, pizzerias, takeaways, gourmet eateries, canteens, fast food, bistros, celebrity eateries, experience restaurants, restaurant ships, hotels, pubs and delivery services to address their clientele and make up for some of their lost sales.

In collaboration with the project #supportyourlocalrestaurant, the relevant offers are highlighted and provided with the link for a coupon purchase.

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