Good news despite the crisis: This is what set us up today

There is plenty of bad news these days. In this article, the Werbewoche editorial team gives an overview of developments that have pleased or encouraged. Today with Ricola, AppArranger, ZHAW and University of Zurich UZH.

Good News trotz Krise

#werhatserfound: Ricola supports Swiss inventiveness

Since Wednesday, Ricola has been offering interested parties on its Social media channels at #werhatserfunden the opportunity to make their smaller and larger inventions known and share them with a wider audience in Switzerland in a spirit of solidarity - because necessity is known to be the mother of invention. Positive stories are intended to help people regain their courage despite the current situation.


 "HelpArranger" coordinates help efficiently 

Numerous families and elderly people are in an acute emergency situation due to the coronavirus and need help. Fortunately, thousands of citizens in Switzerland want to help. But how do these two groups find each other? The Swiss start-up AppArranger, provider of an online platform for the Han¬del and management of service appointments, will soon launch the app "HelpArranger" to coordinate help in the Corona crisis easily and quickly.

"People who offer their help create a profile in HelpArranger and specify which services/help they can offer," explains Josip Sunic, CEO of AppArranger. The assistance services such as shopping, waste disposal, cab rides, child care and many more are standardized and unified. Also, the location/perimeter where the help and services are offered will be entered.

Good News trotz Krise

ZHAW offers help to SMEs

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) wants to support struggling SMEs. It helps with communicative measures that can ensure the survival of small businesses.

The offer is aimed at SMEs that cannot afford a communications agency but are in need of independent advice, according to the ZHAW. Non-profit organizations can also ask the ZHAW for support.

In addition, the Institute of Applied Psychology is now offering free consultations for people who suffer psychologically from the corona crisis. (SDA)

Good News trotz Krise

UZH launches fundraising campaign for Covid 19 research

To provide a scientific basis for important political and economic decisions: This is a main goal of the University of Zurich's Pandemic Fund for the benefit of Covid-19 research. Donations will be used to support and accelerate the most urgent research projects to address the corona crisis.

Good News trotz Krise

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