Good news despite the crisis: This is what set us up today

There is plenty of bad news these days. In this article, the Werbewoche editorial team gives an overview of developments that have pleased or encouraged. Today with, Update, Eventfrog, Diexperten and Karling.

Good News trotz Krise

#supportyourlocal... supports businesses during the crisis has a Website launched to quickly support businesses facing financial losses or business closures due to the special circumstances caused by COVID-19. Around 5,000 stores and businesses are available throughout Switzerland.

Through the platform, consumers can directly support their favorite stores. The interested party buys a voucher today and can redeem it at a later date. All industries are supported, such as #supportyourlocalcoiffeur #supportyourlocalrestaurant #supportyourlocalcosmetic studio #supportyourlocaltheater #supportyourlocalboutique and many more. offers the complete service free of charge and supports the action with an advertising campaign on various platforms.

Good News trotz Krise

Update supports local business with

Update has launched a portal through which solidarity with local SMEs can be practiced. Inspired by other platforms supporting local trade, the Zurich agency decided in the second lockdown week to help neighbors in the old town and fellow sufferers throughout the city and region of Zurich, and possibly even beyond.

At entrepreneurs can bring their products or services to the attention of a broad public free of charge, even during the Corona lockdown. Information on shipping options, online store and delivery service provide users of the portal with an overview of which local stores they can still store at. Via voucher sales, even those that are now completely closed should be able to benefit, in line with the principle of "buy now, consume later".

Good News trotz Krise

Eventfrog Live offers streaming solution for event organizers and artists

The Olten-based event and ticketing startup now offers event streaming on its platform. Organizers and artists can now make their events and performances available to their audience via live broadcast. Through integrated ticketing, access can be made exclusive and monetized. The sale of tickets for live events is free of charge.

Good News trotz Krise

The experts invite to the online general assembly

Many companies are postponing this year's Annual General Meeting due to the current situation. However, this is not always possible and not always desired.

That's why Walter Bucher and Oliver Amberg from the Diexperten agency created the platform General designed and implemented. The site is also suitable for general meetings, condominium owners meetings, elections and the like.

Good News trotz Krise

Sihlcity takes over purchasing and delivery for at-risk groups

Together with the Urban Entertainment Center Sihlcity, Flash Kurier and Coop, Karling has created a free shopping service launched for people from at-risk groups. The service is a show of solidarity for older people and people with pre-existing conditions who are now at greater health risk.

Good News trotz Krise

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