Good news despite the crisis: This is what set us up today

There is plenty of bad news these days. In this article, the Werbewoche editorial team gives an overview of developments that have pleased or encouraged. Today with FE and Opten, Museum für Kommunikation, ERZ and Sam National.

Good News trotz Krise simplifies the hiring out of personnel 

Hiring out personnel instead of short-time work or layoffs: The two agencies FE and Opten are focusing on unbureaucratic and rapid mutual assistance and are launching a "partner exchange for companies".

With the Mediation platform companies should be able to offer their own personnel or look for more personnel in an uncomplicated way. Thus the platform mediates enterprises with too few personnel with those, which have at present too much personnel, and/or it cannot use.

Registration is free of charge for companies that are only temporarily looking for skilled workers, otherwise it costs 199 francs.

Good News trotz Krise

Drawn by Corona

Humor is good, especially in difficult times. The "Gezeichnet" association, known for its exhibitions of the same name at the Museum of Communication in Bern, is currently bundling the works of Swiss cartoonists on the Corona pandemic and publishing them on Instagram.

Good News trotz Krise

All ERZ emus now have a new home

Five emus have been kept on the grounds of Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich ERZ since 2012. Two of them found a new home in the canton of St. Gallen last December. The search for a place for the three remaining animals was initially unsuccessful. Now, however, a new home has been found for them as well.

The Zurich City Council conducted an investigation into the so-called "ERZ affair" three years ago. In the course of the investigation, the city council ordered to find a suitable place for the emus.

Of the three remaining animals, two will now be housed in the Bernese Oberland, and the third in the canton of Basel-Land, as ERZ media spokesman Daniel Eberhard told Radio Top. However, because of the coronavirus, the emus could not be transported to their new home for the time being. Therefore, they will remain on the premises of ERZ for the time being. As soon as transport is possible, they will be delivered to their new owners.

Good News trotz Krise

Photo: City of Zurich


Defying the corona crisis with "Bananefüess

The hardship associated with the current situation is fortunately only temporary for most people. However, such situations are part of everyday life for families with children affected by a rare disease. With the new song "Bananefüess" by Sam National, the non-profit association for children with rare diseases wants to draw attention to this and spread good humor.


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