New record for company start-ups in the Basel Area

Noch nie hat Basel Area Business & Innovation so viele Firmengründungen unterstützt wie 2022: Die Agentur hat im vergangenen Jahr 96 Start-ups bei ihrer Gründung begleitet und beraten.

Foro: Basel Tourism.

The number of startups supported by Basel Area Business & Innovation was higher than ever in 2022. 96 startups used the agency's services in the startup process. This is 20 more than in the previous year. Most of the newly founded companies operate in the life sciences (21), followed by the services (18), construction (11) and ICT (10) sectors. A large proportion of the young companies benefited from advice under the Venture Mentoring Program, which is characterized by industry-, customer- and technology-specific support.

The number of companies settling in the area was also high. Of the 35 companies that have newly settled in the Basel Area , almost two-thirds are active in the life sciences sector. Of these 24 companies, 5 belong to the field of digital health innovations. The companies that have settled in the cantons of Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt and Jura with the support of Basel Area Business & Innovation come from 16 countries. Of these, 14 come from Europe (e.g. Tenpoint Therapeutics), 7 from Asia (e.g. Acro Biosystems) and 6 from the USA (e.g. LifeMine Therapeutics). From cantons outside the Basel Area, 8 inflows were recorded.

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