Attackera launches new product for agencies, SMEs and recruiters

With a new offering, Attackera wants to help companies retain employees longer in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

The shortage of skilled workers is also evident in the local advertising and marketing industry. A look at the vacancies in the marketing sector on leading job placement platforms shows that there are currently more than 5,500 open positions in marketing throughout Switzerland. The demands on companies from employees are constantly increasing. This is precisely where Attackera comes in with a new product offering: "Rotation by Attackera" is designed to help retain employees in the long term.

Here's how it works:

Digital Onboarding: Rotation takes care of the technical, organizational and cultural onboarding through a modular system and prepares new team members of all hierarchy levels within 2 weeks.

Digital Workshops: Rotation offers workshops for employees and managers to prepare them optimally for the changed conditions on the labor market and to improve the working atmosphere sustainably and in the long term.

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